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Figure 7

From: Rosiglitazone inhibits metastasis development of a murine mammary tumor cell line LMM3

Figure 7

A. PPARγ expression in LMM3. Representative immunostaining for PPARγ in LMM3 cells from fresh tumor samples obtained from untreated mice (right panel) and from RGZ-orally treated (100 μM) (left panel). Almost all tumor cells were positive in tumors from RGZ treated animals while no staining was detected in LMM3 cells from tumors from untreated animals. Adipocytes and endothelial cells were positive in both groups. Photograph magnification, ×400. B. Western blot and immunostaining of PPARγ. Cell lysates were prepared from LMM3 tumor cells treated or not with 1 μM RGZ for 24 h. Western blot analysis was performed with specific antibody anti PPARγ.

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