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Figure 3

From: Rosiglitazone inhibits metastasis development of a murine mammary tumor cell line LMM3

Figure 3

Effect of RGZ on experimental lung metastases and primary tumor growth. A. Lung metastasis. On day 0, mice (n = 10/group) were i.v. inoculated with LMM3 cells into the tail vein. Experimental group was orally treated with 100 μMRGZ while control group only with ethanol in drinking water. On day 30, mice were sacrificed and number and size of lung metastatic nodules were recorded under microscope. Each point in the figure represents total number of metastases/lung/mice. All nodules were ≤ 2 mm in diameter. Median (range) is shown on the horizontal line (p < 0.007). One experiment of three with similar results is shown. B. Primary tumor. Perpendicular diameters of s.c. growing tumors were measured three times/week since day 7 (latency) up to day 25. Average of tumor size at each point was calculated as follows: √(dxD), d = minor diameter, D = major diameter. Error bars represent SD (n = 10). No significant difference was observed at any time during tumor progression between groups.

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