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Table 3 The subset of CREB target genes associated with cancer according to Ingenuity Pathways Analysis.

From: Expression profile of CREB knockdown in myeloid leukemia cells

Name Location Type Drugs
Downregulated Cancer Genes
ABCG2 Plasma Membrane transporter  
ANG Extracellular Space enzyme  
BCL2L11 Cytoplasm other  
BECN1 Cytoplasm other  
BMX Cytoplasm kinase  
CA2 Cytoplasm enzyme methazolamide, hydrochlorothiazide, acetazolamide, trichloromethiazide, dorzolamide, chlorothiazide, dorzolamide/timolol, brinzolamide, chlorthalidone, benzthiazide, sulfacetamide, topiramate
CENPE Nucleus other  
CNN1 Cytoplasm other  
CREB1 Nucleus transcription regulator  
CUL5 Nucleus ion channel  
GFI1B Nucleus transcription regulator  
KLF5 Nucleus transcription regulator  
MDM2 (includes EG:4193) Nucleus transcription regulator  
MPHOSPH1 Nucleus enzyme  
MSH2 Nucleus enzyme  
MVD Cytoplasm enzyme  
NR4A3 Nucleus ligand-dependent nuclear receptor  
NUMB Plasma Membrane other  
PPP1R2 Cytoplasm phosphatase  
PTGS2 Cytoplasm enzyme acetaminophen/pentazocine, acetaminophen/clemastine/pseudoephedrine, aspirin/butalbital/caffeine,
RB1CC1 Nucleus other  
SILV Plasma Membrane enzyme  
SMC2 Nucleus transporter  
SMC3 Nucleus other  
TFDP2 Nucleus transcription regulator  
THRB Nucleus ligand-dependent nuclear receptor 3,5-diiodothyropropionic acid, amiodarone, thyroxine, L-triiodothyronine
UBE2B Cytoplasm enzyme  
VRK1 Nucleus kinase  
WWOX Cytoplasm enzyme  
Upregulated cancer Genes    
ACOX1 Cytoplasm enzyme  
ARID1A Nucleus transcription regulator  
BCL6 Nucleus transcription regulator  
BDKRB2 Plasma Membrane G-protein coupled receptor anatibant, icatibant
CD44 Plasma Membrane other  
CDKN1A Nucleus kinase  
COL15A1 Extracellular Space other collagenase
CREM Nucleus transcription regulator  
CRKL Cytoplasm kinase  
DCLRE1C Nucleus enzyme  
DEGS1 Plasma Membrane enzyme  
DIAPH1 Cytoplasm other  
DUSP1 Nucleus phosphatase  
EGR2 Nucleus transcription regulator  
ELK1 Nucleus transcription regulator  
ENC1 Nucleus peptidase  
F2R Plasma Membrane G-protein coupled receptor chrysalin, argatroban, bivalirudin
FOSL1 Nucleus transcription regulator  
HIP1 Cytoplasm other  
HSPG2 (includes EG:3339) Plasma Membrane other  
ICAM1 Plasma Membrane transmembrane receptor  
ID1 Nucleus transcription regulator  
IL6 Extracellular Space cytokine tocilizumab
IL1R1 Plasma Membrane transmembrane receptor anakinra
IL6ST Plasma Membrane transmembrane receptor  
ITGA5 Plasma Membrane other  
KIF14 Cytoplasm other  
METAP2 Cytoplasm peptidase PPI-2458
NCOA3 Nucleus transcription regulator  
NDRG1 Nucleus kinase  
PHLDA1 Cytoplasm other  
PLAT Extracellular Space peptidase  
RASSF1 Nucleus other  
RBL1 Nucleus other  
REL Nucleus transcription regulator  
RHOB Cytoplasm enzyme  
SERPINB9 Cytoplasm other  
SUFU Nucleus transcription regulator  
TIMP1 Extracellular Space other  
TNFRSF21 Plasma Membrane other  
USP2 Cytoplasm peptidase  
  1. Column 1 is the gene name, column 2 the localization, column 3 is a description of the protein function and column 4 are compounds that target the protein.