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Table 2 Statistical comparison (Kruskall-Wallis analysis) of levels of HDAC expression (medians) between low-grade (astrocytomas grade I and II) and high-grade (astrocytomas grade III and glioblastomas) astrocytomas.

From: Differential expression of 12 histone deacetylase (HDAC) genes in astrocytomas and normal brain tissue: class II and IV are hypoexpressed in glioblastomas

  Low-grade astrocytomas × high-grade astrocytomas
Class I  
HDAC1 ns
HDAC2 ns
HDAC3 ns
Class II  
HDAC4 ns
HDAC5 < 0.05
HDAC6 < 0.01
HDAC7 < 0.05
HDAC9a < 0.01
HDAC9b < 0.0001
HDAC10 < 0.001
Class IV  
HDAC11 < 0.001
  1. ns: no significant