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Table 4 Ontological analysis1

From: Imagable 4T1 model for the study of late stage breast cancer

  p-value # molecules
Diseases and Disorders   
Cancer 5.07E-14-5.72E-04 100
Hematological Disease 1.80E-08-5.72E-04 51
Connective Tissue Disorders 3.41E-08-1.44E-04 35
Dermatological Diseases and Conditions 1.75E-07-5.37E-04 41
Inflammatory Disease 8.81E-07-5.51E-04 38
Molecular and Cellular Functions   
Cell Movement 1.18E-15-5.72E-04 69
Cell Signaling 1.30E-13-2.04E-04 106
Cell Death 1.67E-13-5.32E-04 96
Cellular Growth and Proliferation 1.03E-12-5.79E-04 111
Cell to Cell Signaling and Interaction 1.94E-08-5.19E-04 63
  1. 1304 annotated gene were included in the analysis