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Figure 1

From: Interstitial fluid pressure, vascularity and metastasis in ectopic, orthotopic and spontaneous tumours

Figure 1

Comparison of IFP values between different growth sites and different models. Mean IFP is shown for each tumour line growing orthotopically and ectopically; KHT-C i/m (n = 104) and s/c (n = 12) tumours, MMTV-PyMT i/m (n = 15), transgenic spontaneous mammary gland (n = 27), and transplanted orthotopic mammary gland (n = 62) tumours, ME180 i/m (n = 26) and orthotopic cervix (n = 28) tumours, SiHa i/m (n = 9) and orthotopic cervix (n = 10) tumours. The error bars represent the standard error of the mean. An asterix indicates that a group is significantly (p ≤ 0.05) different to the other groups.

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