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Table 2 SCIP-A factor loadings following PCA

From: Is the Satisfaction with Cancer Information Profile (SCIP) valid for tailoring information for patients with head and neck cancer?

Item Item content Rotated on-factor loadings
Subscale 1: 'Unwanted effects'
1 Whether the treatment has any unwanted side-effects 0.77
2 What the risks of your experiencing side-effects are 0.75
3 What the risks of your experiencing complications are 0.75
4 What you should do if you experience unwanted side-effects 0.88
5 Whether your treatment interferes with other medicines you may be taking 0.21
Subscale 2: 'Long-term effects'
6 How you may expect to feel immediately after treatment 0.55
9 Whether you may need further treatment in the future 0.63
10 The effect of treatment on your appearance 0.38
11 The long-term impact of treatment on functioning (daily activities) 0.60
12 How long you expect recovery to take 0.89
13 How your treatment may impact on your quality of life over the next year 0.71
Subscale 3: 'Social/financial support'
7 The effects of treatment on your ability to work 0.59
8 Who to ask/where to go for possible financial support 0.85
14 Patient support groups for you and your partner 0.61