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Table 3 Multivariate regression analysis of sMICA and NKG2D-expressing T cells acting in concert in the progression of the lesion

From: Augmented serum level of major histocompatibility complex class I-related chain A (MICA) protein and reduced NKG2D expression on NK and T cells in patients with cervical cancer and precursor lesions

  Regression coefficients Standardized coefficient    95% C.I. for B
  B SEM for B Beta t Sig. Lower limit Upper limit
Constant 2.417 0.532   4.544 0.000 1.336 3.497
Log 10 sMICA 0.314 0.128 0.330 2.460 0.019 0.055 0.574
% NKG2D-expressing T cells -0.057 0.015 -0.492 -3.667 0.001 -0.088 -0.025
  1. B: regression coefficient in the equation which predicts the grade of the lesion considering to both sMICA and NKG2D expression as independent variables; SEM for B: standard error for the regression coefficients; Beta: standardized regression coefficient which determines the actual weight of the regression coefficient if all variables are expressed in standard units; t: t-test value for the regression coefficient; sig: p value (R 2 = 0.467; p < 0.001).