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Table 2 Gene Expression Levels in Normal Breast Tissue Compared to Sporadic Breast Tumors

From: The interaction of PP1 with BRCA1 and analysis of their expression in breast tumors

Name of Gene Tissue Type Mean Expression Level1 Significance (p)
BRCA1 Normal 0.9 0.01
  Sporadic 0.6  
PP1α Normal 3.6 0.29
  Sporadic 3.1  
PP1β Normal 3.9 0.03
  Sporadic 2.8  
PP1γ Normal 3.2 1.9 × 10-6
  Sporadic 1.3  
  1. 1. mRNA/HPRT-1 expression ratios as measured by quantitative real-time PCR, relative to the pool of cDNA