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Figure 5

From: Enhanced NFκB and AP-1 transcriptional activity associated with antiestrogen resistant breast cancer

Figure 5

Kaplan-Meier relapse-free survival of 54 UCSF node-negative, ER-positive breast cancer cases by age cohort (≥ 70, ≤ 45 years) and with outcomes dichotomized for tumor expression (high, low) of the NFκB and AP-1 regulated genes cyclin D1, uPA, and VEGF. As described in Methods, the 54 node-negative cases were balanced between cohorts for standard prognostic markers and adjuvant TAM treatment (>60%). Gene transcript levels were quantified using a commercial microarray platform with standard data processing (Affymetrix); cases were designated high or low expressors based on mean-centered gene expression. Significant differences between the cumulative survival curves were determined by Log Rank analyses (only p values < 0.05 shown)

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