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Figure 3

From: Enhanced NFκB and AP-1 transcriptional activity associated with antiestrogen resistant breast cancer

Figure 3

Comparison of drug treatment effects on expression of (ERE)-luciferase (A), (NFκB)-luciferase (B), and (AP-1)-luciferase (C) reporter genes in TAM-resistant (MCF7/HER2, BT474) and TAM-sensitive (MCF7) breast cancer cells. As described in Methods, cell cultures were transiently transfected with the specific reporter plasmid 20 h before a 24 h culture treatment with the indicated dose of either PS341 or PA, alone or in combination with TAM (500 nM). Reporter activity (firefly luciferase) is presented as mean ± SE fold induction over vehicle treated control cells. * p < 0.05, for drug alone vs. vehicle control; # p < 0.05, for TAM-PS341 or TAM-PA combinations vs. PS341 or PA alone.

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