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Figure 3

From: Matrix-comparative genomic hybridization from multicenter formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded colorectal cancer tissue blocks

Figure 3

Representative figures of two-colour FISH on 2 μm-sections of a formalin-fixed tumour sample from no. 29 was performed with the Rhodamin-labeled BAC-clones RP11-89P22 (figure 3a) and RP11-8C15 (figure 3b) and compared with the FITC-labeled BAC-clone RP11-9F13 used as control in figure 3a and 3b. The Rhodamin-labeled signal appears in red and the FITC labeled signal in green (original magnification 630×). It showed the typical pattern of a high level amplification for the clones RP11-8C15 and RP11-89P22, whereas the apparently not involved clone RP11-9F13 was confirmed to be localized outside of the amplified area.

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