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Table 5 Outcomes of the brain metastases from breast cancer treatment according to treatment modality, number of patients, median survival and prognostic factors by other researches.

From: Whole brain radiotherapy for brain metastases from breast cancer: estimation of survival using two stratification systems

Authors Patients(n) Treatment Median OS(mo) Prognostic factors (univarate analysis)
Firlik et al. (21),2000 58 SRS 13 ---
Pieper et al.(22),1997 63 Surgery+- WBRT 16 Age, menopausal status, postoperative RT, KPS, systemic disease
Wronski et al. (23), 1996. 70 Surgery+- WBRT 14 Positive estrogen receptor, meningeal carcinomatosis
Lentzsch et al. (24), 1999 145 WBRT 6.1 KPS, dose of RT, No. of BM, grade of primary
Mizutani et al. (19), 2001 113 WBRT 4.0 KPS, No. of BM, systemic metastases without bony metastasis
Fokstuen et al. (20), 2000 99 WBRT 5.0 No. of BM, systemic metastases
Mahmoud-Ahmed et al. (25) 2002 116 WBRT 4.1 KPS, WBRT dose, RPA class
Present study. 2006 174 Surgery +WBRT or WBRT 6.4 KPS, RPA, single BM, resection of lesion, extracranial metastase, control primary tumor, BS-BM system