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Table 2 Common causes of false-positive and negative diagnoses of screen-detected core biopsies [1]

From: Reliability and validity of needle biopsy evaluation of breast-abnormalities using the B-categorization – design and objectives of the Diagnosis Optimisation Study (DIOS)

Causes of false-positive diagnoses - Sclerosing adenosis or radial scar mistakenly diagnosed as tubular carcinoma
- Apocrine atypia in lobules, ducts, or sclerosing lesions mistakenly diagnosed as DCIS
- Chronic inflammation mistakenly diagnosed as infiltrating lobular carcinoma
- Invasion mistakenly diagnosed in DCIS
- Radiotherapy effects mistakenly diagnosed as carcinoma
Causes of false-negative diagnoses - Tubular carcinoma mistakenly diagnosed as sclerosing adenosis or radial scar
- Infiltrating lobular carcinoma mistakenly interpreted as chronic inflammation or missed
- Radiotherapy effect with missed foci of carcinoma
- Metaplastic carcinoma mistakenly diagnosed as a stromal proliferation/fibroblastic scar