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Table 9 Quantitative assessments of model adequacy.

From: Different regression equations relate age to the incidence of Lauren types 1 and 2 stomach cancer in the SEER database: these equations are unaffected by sex or race

Shapiro-Wilks normality test performed on standardized residuals.
  W P   
Without outlier 0.984 0.06   
With outlier 0.960 0.0001   
T test to see if mean of standardized residuals was not zero.
  Mean T df P
Without outlier -0.003 -0.03 158 0.97
With outlier -0.003 -0.03 159 0.97
Bartlett's test to see if the standardized residuals, divided into four groups by their corresponding fitted values, lacked constant variances.
  K2 Df P  
Without outlier 4.43 3 0.22  
With outlier 15.02 3 0.002