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Figure 4

From: Upregulation of meiosis-specific genes in lymphoma cell lines following genotoxic insult and induction of mitotic catastrophe

Figure 4

In situ localisation of REC8 post-mitotic catastrophe in endopolyploid Namalwa cells: (A) REC8 (red) appears on day 3 in the metaphase-arrested cells which, as judged by the adhered swollen chromosomes, undergo restitution into endopolyploid cells. DNA counterstained by DAPI (blue) (insert- rat testis control for Rec8); (B) IF double-staining for kinetochores/centromeres by CREST antibody (FITC, green) and REC8 (red) in a polyploid interphasic cell, where interaction of REC8 foci with kinetochores/centromeres is shown; arrow and arrowhead indicate the insertion of several REC8 foci in CREST-positive arrayed structures; the image insert shows a higher magnification of a centromere doublet cohesed with a focus of REC8.

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