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Table 1 Information on the nine genes examined: location, function, primers and probes

From: Quantitative real-time RT-PCR validation of differential mRNA expression of SPARC, FADD, Fascin, COL7A1, CK4, TGM3, ECM1, PPL and EVPLin esophageal squamous cell carcinoma

No Gene LocusLink Location Putative function Catalogue number for primer & probe (ABI)
1 SPARC 6678 5q31.3-q32 Extracellular matrix remodeling Hs00277762-m1
2 FADD 8772 11q13.3 Death receptor/cytoplasmic response Hs00538709-m1
3 Fascin 6624 7p22 Cytoskeleton/regulation of cellular Hs00979629-g1
4 COL7A1 1294 3p21.1 Extracellular matrix Hs00164310-m1
5 CK4 3851 12q12-q13 Cytoskeleton Hs00361611-m1
6 TGM3 7053 20q11.2 Protein modification Hs00162752-m1
7 ECM1 1893 1q21 Extracellular matrix Hs00189435-m1
8 PPL 5493 16p13.3 Cytoskeleton Hs00160312-m1
9 EVPL 2125 17q25 Epidermal differentiation and maintenance Hs00157430-m1
10 GAPDH     Hs99999905-m1