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Figure 4

From: Homeostatic response under carcinogen withdrawal, heme oxygenase 1 expression and cell cycle association

Figure 4

Representative findings of heme oxygenase (HO-1) immunoreactivity. Immunohistochemical results: HC group: a) non-apoptotic necrotic tissue foci (white broad arrow), regenerative and normal HO-1 positive hepatocytes (upper-left angle, black arrows) and b) hepatic macrophages hyperplasia (black arrows heads) and altered hepatocytes (black arrows); d) "altered hepatic foci lesions (AHF)" with decreased HO-1 expression central hepatocytes (black arrows) and surrounded by macrophages (black arrows heads). HR group: e) regenerative tissue foci with few intense staining rounded cells (white broad arrows), hepatocytes (black arrows) and few macrophages (black arrows heads) with similar normal tissue HO-1 expression; f) normal HO-1 expression and absence of tissue necrosis features in HR tissue hepatocytes (black arrows) and macrophages (black arrows heads). Control group: c) normal HO-1 hepatic tissue (black arrows) and macrophages (black arrows heads) expression. (Final Magnification × 312.5).

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