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Table 8 Expression in the duplicated region (11B, ch11:42,631,278-44,744,905)

From: Heterogeneity of mammary lesions represent molecular differences

Genes U74Av2 probe ID higher expression in 5189MINO**
Pttg1 101026_at x
D11Ertd730e 160772_I_at x
  161428_at x
Fabp6 99977_at x
Ttc1 96921_at x
  161887_r_at x
Adra1b 92340_at x
Il12b 100779_at x
Ublcp1 94865_at x
3732413l11Rik 96104_at x
Ebf1 92535_at x
  1. ** determined by 5189 MIN-O compared to 5207 MIN-O