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Table 1 NTHL1, NEIL1, NEIL2, MPG, TDG, UNG and SMUG1 gnes screened for germline mutations.

From: Evaluation of NTHL1, NEIL1, NEIL2, MPG, TDG, UNG and SMUG1genes in familial colorectal cancer predisposition

Gene Genimic sequence cDNA sequence No. of exons No. of PCR fragements
NTHL1 NT_037887 NM_002528.4 6 7
NEIL1 NT_010194 NM_024608.1 9 11
NEIL2 NT_077531 NM_145043.1 4 6
MPG NT_037887 NM_002434.2 4 8
TDG NT_019546 NM_003211.3 10 12
UNG NT_009775 NM_080911.1 7 9
SMUG1 NT_029419 NM_014311.1 2 5