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Table 2 HLA genotype and phenotype of the 21 patients whose tumor tissue was used for flow cytometry.

From: High-resolution analysis of HLA class I alterations in colorectal cancer

case A.1 A.2 B.1 B.2
40 A2 A3 B15 B38
43 A2 A3 B18 B49
44 A2 A24 B7 B55
45 A1 A2 B8 B62
48 A3 A3 B7 B62
55 A1 A3 B8 B62
56 A1 A30 B8 B51
58 A2 A32 B44 B60
59 A1 A2 B7 B62
61* A2   Bw4 Bw6
63* A2   Bw4 Bw6
69 A2 A24 B7 B39
106* A3   Bw4 Bw6
108 A2 A68 B51 B53
109* A3   Bw4 Bw6
110 A1 A23 B8 B50
120 A2 A3 B7 B44
122 A1 A24 B44 B56
124* A2   Bw4  
179 A3 A3 B7 B35
191 A2 A24 B15 B40
  1. A.1, A.2, B.1 and B.2 indicate the different HLA A and B alleles. * HLA genotype was not known prior to tumor resection, phenotype based on flow cytometry of vim+ cells with mouse monoclonal antibodies (Table 1).