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Figure 5

From: The 5'-end transitional CpGs between the CpG islands and retroelements are hypomethylated in association with loss of heterozygosity in gastric cancers

Figure 5

Methylation profiles of the CpG islands and the 5'-transitional CpGs examined in the normal (N) and tumor (T) tissues of gastric cancer patients using semiquantitative methylation-specific PCR analysis. The methylation status was classified into 5 levels. Gastric cancers were classified into four microsatellite genotypes. The level of methylation and the classification of the microsatellite genotypes are detailed in the "Materials and Methods" section. All the information regarding the methylation analysis is listed in table 1 and 2. CpG sites are indicated by the name of the gene and the distance from the transcription start site.

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