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Figure 17

From: Proapoptotic activity of Ukrain is based on Chelidonium majusL. alkaloids and mediated via a mitochondrial death pathway

Figure 17

Chelidonine-induced apoptosis is partially inhibited by anti-apoptotic Bcl-2/b>: Jurkat Vector and Bcl-2 overexpressing cells were treated for 24 h with medium supplemented with solvent or 1, 5, 10, 50 and 100 μM chelidonine. Apoptosis induction was then quantified using (a) light scatter characteristics to determine cellular shrinkage, (b) TMRE-staining to detect alterations of mitochondrial membrane potential Δψm, and (c) CaspACE®-staining to test caspase-activation. Data show means ± SD (n = 3). Paired t-test was performed using GraphPad InStat version 3.00 for Windows 95, GraphPad Software, San Diego California USA, (d) Combined staining with Hoechst33342 and propidium iodide of Jurkat Vector cells treated for 24 h with medium or 100 μM chelidonine revealed massive apoptosis while apoptosis rates were reduced in Bcl-2 overexpressing Jurkat cells.

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