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Table 3 Comparison of LD groups for the Utah breast cancer cases and controls with Applied Biosystems (ABI) data*

From: Characterization of the linkage disequilibrium structure and identification of tagging-SNPs in five DNA repair genes

Gene Group Utah breast cancer case/control SNPs Utah potential tSNPs Utah % variance captured/group ABI SNPs ABI potential tSNPs ABI % variance captured/group
ATM 1 A1-A14 A1-A3, A5, A6, A8-A10, A12-A14 98.8% A1-A14 A1-A3, A5, A8, A13, A14 98.2%
MRE11 1 M1, M2, M3, M5, M6 M1, M2, M3, M5, M6 100% M1, M2, M3, M5, M6 M1, M2, M3, M5, M6 100%
  2 M7, M9, M10 M10 84.3% M7, M9, M10 M7, M9, M10 100%
  3 M11 M11 100% M11 M11 100%
  4 M4, M8 M4, M8 82.2% M4, M8 M4, M8 83.9%
XRCC4 1 X1-X8, X10-X13 X2-X3, X5-X8, X10-X11 95.3% X1-X8, X10-X13 X2, X3, X10, X11, X13 96.0%
  2 X14, X16-X18 X14 91.6% X14, X16-X18 X14, X17, X18 93.5%
  3 X19-X21 X19-X21 100% X19-X21 X19-X21 100%
  4 X9, X15 X9, X15 97.4% X9, X15 X9, X15 96.8%
  1. *We used Applied Biosystems' validated SNP genotype data for 45 Caucasian subjects.