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Table 5 Comparison of difference in gene expression between combination treatment and mono-treatment in LNCaP cells

From: Gene expression profiling revealed novel mechanism of action of Taxotere and Furtulon in prostate cancer cells

Gene Taxotere+Furtulon
  6 h 36 h 72 h
Decrease in combination treatment, No change or increase in mono-treatment.    
NM_001256.1 cell division cycle 27 (CDC27) NC -1.6 -2.0
NM_001963.2 epidermal growth factor (beta-urogastrone) (EGF) NC -3.5 -1.9
NM_004113.2 fibroblast growth factor 12B (FGF12B) NC -4.3 -1.2
U13022 negative regulator of programmed cell death ICH-1S (Ich-1) NC -2.3 -2.0
AF249273.1 Bcl-2-associated transcription factor short form mRNA NC -1.7 -2.3
NM_001071.1 thymidylate synthetase (TYMS) NC -1.4 -2.6
AF005068.1 breast and ovarian cancer susceptibility protein (BRCA1) NC -4.6 -17.1
NM_012068.2 activating transcription factor 5 (ATF5) NC -2.0 -2.8
NM_021809.1 TGF(beta)-induced transcription factor 2 (TGIF2) NC -1.6 -2.1
NM_001412.1 eukaryotic translation initiation factor 1A (EIF1A) NC -1.2 -2.3
NM_002758.1 mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase 6 (MAP2K6) NC -1.7 -2.1
Increase in combination treatment, No change or decrease in mono-treatment.    
NM_006034.1 p53-induced protein (PIG11) NC 6.1 7.5
NM_000227.1 laminin, alpha 3 NC 1.7 2.0
NM_000094.1 collagen, type VII, alpha 1 (COL7A1) NC 1.4 6.5
NM_016437.1 tubulin, gamma 2 (TUBG2) NC 1.4 2.1
NM_000853.1 glutathione S-transferase theta 1 (GSTT1) NC 2.0 2.1
  1. NC: No change; Negative value: Decrease; Positive value: Increase.
  2. The genes in this list showed a >2 fold change in expression in at least one time point in combination treatment.