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Table 1 PTLDs after autologous HCT in adults

From: Hodgkin's disease as unusual presentation of post-transplant lymphoproliferative disorder after autologous hematopoietic cell transplantation for malignant glioma

Source (N° of cases) Disease HCT PTLD (days) PTLD (type)
Young 1989[6] (2) T cell LL T cell purged 48/31 NHL polymorphic B cell
Chao 1993[7] (1) FML B cell purged 52 NHL monomorphic B cell
Shephered 1995[8] (1) CML Unmanipulated 43 NHL polymorphic B cell
Briz 1997[9] (1) T cell ALL T cell purged 81 NHL monomorphic B cell
Hauke 1998[10] (2) HD/FLL Unmanipulated 87/38 NHL polymorphic B cell
Peniket 1998[11] (1) MM CD34+ selected 80 NHL monomorphic B cell
Lohrish 2000 [12] (1) BL Unmanipulated 39 NHL polymorphic B cell
Yufu 2000 [13] (1) HD Unmanipulated 900 T cell PTLD
Jenkins 2002 [14] (3) 2MM/1NHL CD34+ selected/Unmanipulated 31/NA NHL polymorphic B cell
  1. ALL: acute lymphoblastic leukemia; CML: chronic myelogenous leukemia; FML: follicular mixed small cleaved and large lymphoma; FLL: follicular large cell lymphoma; LCL: large cell lymphoma; LL: lymphoblastic lymphoma; BL: Burkitt's lymphoma; HD: hodgkin disease; NHL: non hodgkin lymphoma; MM: multiple myeloma PTLD: post transplant lymphoproliferative disorder; HCT: hematopoietic cell transplantation; NA: not available.