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Table 2 Prostate cancer: the key gene retained for classification of tissue types. This table contains the genes and their descriptions. The key genes are selected based on how correlated their average intensity to the normal and tumor tissues. The genes are placed in the order of descending correlation coefficient r. Ten key features were shown, the complete table can be downloaded at Entire data for the experiment can be downloaded from

From: Classification between normal and tumor tissues based on the pair-wise gene expression ratio

No. on array Gene probe with correlation >0.4 to cancer tissue type Info Correlation
6185 37639_at Cluster Incl. X07732:Human hepatoma mRNA for serine protease hepsin 0.7119
8965 37720_at Cluster Incl. M22382:Human mitochondrial matrix protein P1 (nuclear encoded) mRNA, complete cds M93036 /FEATURE=mRNA /DEFINITION=HUMGA7A08 0.7018
12148 575_s_at Human (clone 21726) carcinoma-associated antigen GA733-2 (GA733-2) mRNA 0.6917
6462 38634_at Cluster Incl. M11433:Human cellular retinol-binding protein mRNA 0.6514
10138 41288_at Cluster Incl. AL036744:DKFZp564I1663_r1 Homo sapiens cDNA 0.6367
12153 556_s_at M96233 /FEATURE=expanded_cds/DEFINITION=HUMGSTM4A Human glutathione transferase class mu number 4 (GSTM4) gene 0.6217
6866 39756_g_at Cluster Incl. Z93930:Human DNA sequence from clone 292E10 on chromosome 22q11-12. Contains the XBP1 gene for X-box binding protein 1 (TREB5), ESTs, STSs, GSSs and a putative CpG island 0.6201
4365 41468_at Cluster Incl. M30894:Human T-cell receptor Ti rearranged gamma-chain mRNA V-J-C region X14885 /FEATURE=mRNA /DEFINITION=HSTGF31 0.6193
10956 1767_s_at H.sapiens gene for transforming growth factor-beta 3 (TGF- beta 3) 0.6160
9172 38406_f_at Cluster Incl. AI207842:ao89h09.x1 Homo sapiens cDNA, 3 end / 0.6155