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Table 1 Assay for functional expression of Hyal2 proteins in 208F/Stk cells transduced with Hyal2-expressing retroviral vectors

From: Transformation and scattering activities of the receptor tyrosine kinase RON/Stk in rodent fibroblasts and lack of regulation by the jaagsiekte sheep retrovirus receptor, Hyal2

Source of vector used to transduce cells LAPSN(PJ4) vector titer (AP+ FFU/ml) on cells:
  208F/Stk c12 208F/Stk c13
No vector <10 <10
PT67/LhHyal1SN c16 <10 <10
PT67/LhHyal2SN c16 2,000 2,000
PT67/LrHyal2SN c2 800 600
PT67/LrHyal2SN c12 600 600
PT67/LmHyal2SN c7 <10 <10
PT67/LmHyal2SN c8 <10 <10
  1. 208F/Stk c12 and 208F/Stk c13 cells were exposed to vectors from the indicated vector-producing packaging cell lines and were exposed to G418 to select for expression of the vector. The cells were then exposed to JSRV-pseudotype LAPSN vector from PJ4/LAPSN cells and the apparent titers were determined.