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Table 2 Summary of the data on differentially expressed genes in the follicular Hürthle cell carcinoma.

From: Core I gene is overexpressed in Hürthle and non-Hürthle cell microfollicular adenomas and follicular carcinomas of the thyroid

Genes overexpressed in the tumour:
  -T1 (Core I protein)
  -T2 (rRNA 28s)
  -T3 (Homo sapiens mRNA for KIAA1468 protein)
Genes underexpressed in the tumour:
  -N1 (Homo sapiens thyroglobulin gene)
  -N2 (ribosomal protein L3)
  -N3 (Homo sapiens hypothetical gene (LOC125510), mRNA)
  -N4 (not determined for technical reasons)