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Table 4 Correlation coefficients of KS and public SAGE libraries

From: Gene expression profile of AIDS-related Kaposi's sarcoma

SAGE Library 1 SAGE Library 2 Pearson correlation coefficient
KS Duke_HMVEC (acc. GSM706) 0.56
KS Duke_HMVEC + VEGF (acc. GSM707) 0.55
KS CD4 (acc. GSM3245) 0.63
KS (HMVEC/VEGF + CD4) pooled 0.71
KS Fibroblasts, post-crisis (acc. GSM711) 0.54
KS NS (this paper, acc. GSM3242) 0.66
KS Brain (normal), colon cancer, ovary cancer, pancreas cancer, prostate cancer, etc. ≤ 0.50