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Table 1 List of potential biomarker transcripts as detected in Affymetrix analysis.

From: Expression profiling of blood samples from an SU5416 Phase III metastatic colorectal cancer clinical trial: a novel strategy for biomarker identification

Affymetrix probe set ID number Gene name/symbol Putative function(s) Increased in 5416 arm Increased in Control arm
34546_at Defd Defensin α 4 Corticostatic, Ca channel regulator 10 6
33530_at CEA CAM 8 Tumor antigen, integral membrane protein. 9 4
37054_at BPI Anti-pathogen response 9 4
31859_at MMP-9 Protease; ECM maintainence 8 2
32821_at Lipocalin 2 Anti-pathogen response; apoptosis 10 5
34319_at S100 P Ca-binding protein 9 3
41249_at Hypothetical protein FLJ13052 unknown 7 1
1962_at Liver arginase Amino acid metabolism 9 3
266_s_at CD24 antigen Anti-pathogen response; differentiation of B cells 9 0
31506_s_at Defensin α 3 Chemotaxis; anti-microbial response 10 4
32275_at Antileuko-protease Secreted inhibitor of serine proteases 9 4
115_at Thromobospondin 1 Blood clotting; angiogenesis 9 3
37149_s_at Lactoferrin Iron transport; putative protease 11 5
  1. A brief summary of putative biological function is listed for each gene product. The ID number assigned by Affymetrix to each transcript-specific probe set is also included. The last two columns list the number of patients in which transcript levels were increased at day 56 relative to day 1; total number of patients it 11 for the SU5416 arm and 12 for the control arm.