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Figure 3

From: RanBPM interacts with psoriasin in vitro and their expression correlates with specific clinical features in vivo in breast cancer

Figure 3

RanBPM mRNA expression in selected cell lines. RanBPM mRNA expression in fibroblasts (CRL and 125), normal mammary epithelia (MCF10ATB, MCF10A1, MCF10AT1), and epithelial carcinoma cell lines from breast (T47D5, MCF-7, 126, MDA-MB-231, BT20) and cervix (HeLa). RanBPM is expressed at higher levels in cells derived from tumors compared to those derived from normal epithelia and stroma. Columns and bars represent means and standard deviations from duplicate experiments. Mann Whitney test was used to compare levels between normal epithelial cells and fibroblasts (*) or neoplastic epithelial cells (**).

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