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Figure 2

From: RanBPM interacts with psoriasin in vitro and their expression correlates with specific clinical features in vivo in breast cancer

Figure 2

In vitro interaction of psoriasin and RanBPM as determined by co-immunoprecipitation. 35S-Met labelled proteins were generated. Psoriasin (lane 1) and RanBPM (lane 2) were electrophoresed through a denaturing polyacrylamide gel and detected by autoradiography. Psoriasin binds to and co-immunoprecipitates with RanBPM (lane 4). RanBPM and psoriasin do not bind to protein G-beads on their own, (lane 3 and 5 respectively). RanBPM does not interact with mouse submaxillary gland protein when either RanBPM (lane 6) or mouse submaxillary gland protein (lane 7) is precipitated.

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