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Table 1 Selection criteria of study population

From: Interest of preoperative immunonutrition in liver resection for cancer: study protocol of the PROPILS trial, a multicenter randomized controlled phase IV trial

Inclusion criteria: - Patient older than 18 years old
  - Planned elective liver resection for malignant tumour
  - At least 1 segment resected or 3 wedge resections
Exclusion criteria: - Patient younger than 18 years old
  - Liver resection for benign lesion
  - Liver resection associated with biliary tract surgery
  - Liver resection associated with gastro-intestinal surgery
  - Cirrhosis, defined by transient elastography or by liver biopsy
  - Renal failure defined by hemodialysis
  - Pregnancy
  - History of hypersensitivity to arginine, omega-3 fatty acids, or nucleotides
  - Inability to take oral nutrition
  - Mental condition rendering the subject unable to understand the nature, end-points and consequences of the trial