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Table 4 Incremental cost-effectiveness ratio (ICER, expressed in euros per QALY), of the different patient subgroups

From: Cost-utility analysis of maintenance therapy with gemcitabine or erlotinib vsobservation with predefined second-line treatment after cisplatin–gemcitabine induction chemotherapy for advanced NSCLC: IFCT-GFPC 0502-Eco phase III study

Group Gemcitabine (n = 154) Erlotinib (n = 155)
All patients 76,625 184,733
 0 52,213 94,908
 1 372,624 –*
 Adenocarcinoma 62,292 97,160
 Squamous cell carcinoma or unknown 83,291 –*
Response to induction therapy   
 Objective response 64,296 101,186
 Stable disease 153,337 –*
  1. Incremental cost-effectiveness ratios (ICER) are expressed in euros/quality adjusted-life years (QALY).
  2. *The ICER was not calculated because the tested strategy does not appear to be more effective than observation.