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Table 3 Results of the in silico analyses and the Spearman rank correlation

From: Elevated expression of prostate cancer-associated genes is linked to down-regulation of microRNAs

miRNA Target gene
miR-101   8x    
miR-138 1x 7x    
−0.256** −0.215*    
miR-186 2x    4x  
−0.551**    −0.418**  
miR-224 4x     
miR-26a 1x 6x   1x 3x
−0.335** −0.383**   −0.237** −0.362**
miR-26b 1x 6x    3x
−0.154# −0.141    −0.107
miR-374a    2x 3x 3x
   −0.230** −0.248** −0.329**
miR-410 1x 1x 2x 2x 1x
−0.273** −0.293** −0.283** −0.239** −0.395**
miR-660 3x    3x  
  −0.241**    −0.289**  
  1. In the upper rows the respective numbers of predictions out of eight possible algorithms are denoted. In the lower rows results of the Spearman rank correlation expressed as Spearman correlation coefficients are displayed. The relative transcript levels of the target genes and the miRNAs in all tissue samples (Tu, Tf, BPH) were used for the calculation of the Spearman correlation coefficients. Empty cells indicate that there was no prediction by any algorithm in the in silico analyses. *p < 0.05, **p < 0.01, #p < 0.1 (statistical trend).