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Figure 4

From: Comparison of two threshold detection criteria methodologies for determination of probe positivity for intraoperative in situ identification of presumed abnormal 18F-FDG-avid tissue sites during radioguided oncologic surgery

Figure 4

The receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curve for various ratiometric threshold criteria values for probe positivity from the entire group of 401 gamma detection probe measurement sets is illustrated. The ROC curve ranges from target-to-background ratios of āˆ’1-to-1 to 9-to-1 above the mean background count rate. The 1.5-to-1 ratiometric operating point is indicated by (*). The 1.33-to-1 (optimal) ratiometric operating point is indicated by (+). The area under the ROC curve is 0.7150 (71.5%).

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