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Figure 4

From: The immunosignature of canine lymphoma: characterization and diagnostic application

Figure 4

The immunosignature at diagnosis can predict disease free interval. A Student’s T-test (p < 0.05 with FDR) and a 1.5 fold change between classes was used to select 35 informative peptides. The distribution of intensities is shown in the Heatmap (A). Colors represent the per peptide median normalized intensities. Yellow indicates the median, red two fold above the median and blue less than 0.8 fold below the median. Each row represents a peptide and each column represents and individual. Individuals were clustered in GeneSpring using distance measurement to each other. Variation among individuals based on the 35 peptides is shown in the PCA plot (B), where the first two principal components are plotted. The classification efficacy is plotted in the ROC curve in (C). Print run two and the Jackson conjugate were used for this assay.

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