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Figure 3

From: The immunosignature of canine lymphoma: characterization and diagnostic application

Figure 3

Individual lymphoma signatures. (A) Peptides comprising the unique elements of the immunosignatures of canine lymphoma patients are displayed in a false color heatmap. Red represents 5 fold greater than median, yellow represents the median and blue 5 fold below the median. Peptides ranked in the lowest quartile for coefficient of variation among healthy dogs were analyzed by correlation (greater than Pearson R of 0.9) to a recognition profile of 10 fold above the median in an individual and at the median for both healthy dogs and lymphoma patients. The GLAM2 pattern-matching algorithm was used to establish patterns for each dog. Representative patterns for LSA-B are shown in (B & C). Print run one and the KPL conjugate were used for this assay.

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