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Figure 1

From: Co-expression of putative stemness and epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition markers on single circulating tumour cells from patients with early and metastatic breast cancer

Figure 1

Control experiments for the specificity of Cytokeratin, ALDH1 and TWIST antibodies in HepG2 cells spiked in PBMCs, ARIOL system. Triple immunofluorescence was performed in cytospin preparations of HepG2 cells spiked in PBMCs from healthy blood donors, using anti-Cytokeratin (green), anti-ALDH1 (orange) and anti-TWIST (pink) antibodies. Negative controls were prepared for each primary antibody, by omitting the corresponding primary antibody and adding the secondary IgG isotype antibody. Cell nuclei were stained with Dapi (blue), ARIOL system (x400).

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