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Figure 1

From: Animal model of naturally occurring bladder cancer: Characterization of four new canine transitional cell carcinoma cell lines

Figure 1

Characterization of K9TCC tumors in vivo . The histology of K9TCC tissues were confirmed by H&E staining. The expressions of cytokeratin, EGFR, COX-2 [21], p65, and UPIa in K9TCC#1Lillie, K9TCC#2Dakota, and K9TCC#5Lilly (brown color) detected by IHC. Objective 20× with scale bar 50 μm. (*) shows normal urethral urothelium in K9TCC#1Lillie, and inset image shows normal bladder urothelium of K9TCC#5Lilly tissue sample.

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