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Table 2 Treatment details

From: CT based three dimensional dose-volume evaluations for high-dose rate intracavitary brachytherapy for cervical cancer

EBRT* central pelvic dose (Gy) Median (range) 30 (20-50)
HDR-ICBT dose for point A Median (range) 24 (12-30)
Applicor type Tandem + ovoid 42
  Tandem + cylinder 9
Concurrent chemotheraphy Yes 30
  No 21
TTT†† (days) Median (range) 42 (36-67)
Volume of HR-CTV at first ICBT (ml) Median (range) 23.3 (8.3-100.8)
Maximum diameter of HR-CTV at first ICBT (mm) Median (range) 46.9 (32.2-77.5)
Maximum length from tandem to edge of HR-CTV at first ICBT (mm) Median (range) 29.2 (18.0-51.9)
EQD2 ll of point A Median (range) 62 (52-72.3)
EQD2 ll of HR-CTV D90 ** Media (range) 65.0 (52.7-101.7)
  1. *EBRT: external beam radiation therapy.
  2. HDR-ICBT: high-dose rate intracavitary brachytherapy.
  3. ††TTT: total treatment time.
  4. II EDQ2: equivalent dose in 2 Gy fractions.
  5. **HR-CTV D90: dose covering 90% of the HR-CTV.