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Figure 2

From: MicroRNA-26a regulates glucose metabolism by direct targeting PDHX in colorectal cancer cells

Figure 2

PDHX is a predicted target of miR-26a. (A) Alignment of the miR-26a seed region with 3′UTR of PDHX mRNA of different species across Homo sapiens (Hsa), Pan troglodytes (Ptr) and Mus musculus (Mmu). Bioinformatics analysis was performed using the TargetScan 6.2 software available at The accession number of the protein PDHX from Has, Ptr and Mml was NM_003477, NM_001280073, NM_175094. The miR-26a seed region was highlighted in grey. (B) The 468–475 nt of PDHX 3′ UTR mRNA showed an exact match to the seed region of mature miR-26a. (C-D) MiR-26a level is inversely correlated with PDHX protein level in CRC cells. Expression of miR-26a and PDHX protein were respectively analyzed by qRT–PCR (C) and western blot (D). The error bar represented the standard error of the mean (SEM). A Student’s t-test was performed to compare the differences between NCM460 and HCT116, SW480 or SW620.

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