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Table 1 Exploratory factor analysis of stigma-related cancer

From: Development of a scale to assess cancer stigma in the non-patient population

  Factor loading
 I would feel at ease around someone with cancer (R) -0.82
 I would feel comfortable around someone with cancer (R) -0.80
 I would find it difficult being around someone with cancer 0.67
 I would find it hard to talk to someone with cancer 0.67
 I would feel embarrassed discussing cancer with someone who had it 0.62
 Once you’ve had cancer you’re never ‘normal’ again 0.78
 Having cancer usually ruins a person’s Career 0.68
 Getting cancer means having to mentally prepare oneself for death 0.65
 Cancer usually ruins close personal relationships 0.62
 Cancer devastates the lives of those it touches 0.60
 If a colleague had cancer I would try to avoid them 0.70
 I would distance myself physically from someone with cancer 0.68
 I would feel irritated by someone with cancer 0.66
 I would feel angered by someone with cancer 0.55
 I would try to avoid a person with cancer 0.50
Policy opposition  
 More government funding should be spent on the care and treatment of those with cancer (R) 0.82
 Increased spending on cancer services is a waste of money* -0.71
 The needs of people with cancer should be given top priority (R) 0.63
 We have a responsibility to provide the best possible care for people with cancer (R) 0.60
Personal responsibility  
 A person with cancer is liable for their condition 0.81
 A person with cancer is accountable for their condition 0.78
 If a person has cancer it’s probably their fault 0.73
 A person with cancer is to blame for their condition 0.70
Financial discrimination  
 It is acceptable for banks to refuse to make loans to people with cancer 0.89
 Banks should be allowed to refuse mortgage applications for cancer-related reasons 0.77
 It is acceptable for insurance companies to reconsider a policy if someone has cancer 0.63
  1. R = Item was reversed.
  2. *Item deleted following CFA.