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Table 2 Correlation of CXCL10 levels in serum with CXCL10 and STAT1 expression levels in the tumor of 10 breast cancer patients

From: High STAT1 mRNA levels but not its tyrosine phosphorylation are associated with macrophage infiltration and bad prognosis in breast cancer

   CXCL10 tumor (pg/mg protein)a CXCL10 tumor (mRNA levels)c STAT1 tumor (mRNA levels)c
CXCL10 serum (pg/ml)a rd 0.374 0.497 0.460
p-valuee 0.287 0.144 0.181
CXCL10 tumor (pg/mg protein)b rd   0.915 0.636
p-valuee   0.0002 0.048
CXCL10 tumor (mRNA levels)c rd    0.745
p-valuee    0.013
  1. aCXCL10 levels in the serum of breast cancer patients collected at time of diagnosis prior to surgery.
  2. bCXCL10 levels in extracts of the primary tumor.
  3. crelative mRNA expression normalized to the expression of TBP as determined by RT-PCR.
  4. dSpearman‘s rho correlation coefficient.
  5. etwo-tailed significance of Spearman‘s rho.