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Table 1 Multivariate analyses of prognostic factors in 188 NPC patients

From: Primary tumor regression speed after radiotherapy and its prognostic significance in nasopharyngeal carcinoma: a retrospective study

Endpoint Variable Estimate HR 95% CI* P value
OS Regression speed 0.778 2.177 1.480-3.203 < 0.001
FFS Regression speed 0.764 2.148 1.384-3.333 0.001
DMFS Regression speed 0.812 2.252 1.296-3.912 0.004
LRFS Regression speed 0.681 1.975 0.976-3.995 0.058
  1. HR, Hazard ratio from Cox proportional hazards model; *CI, confidence interval; P-values were calculated using an adjusted Cox proportional hazards model. OS, Overall survival; FFS, Failure-free survival; DMFS, Distant metastasis-free survival; LRFS, Local relapse-free survival. The following parameters were included in the model as covariates for each analysis: age (≤ 50 vs. > 50 years), sex, chemotherapy (yes vs. no), radiation technique (2-DRT vs. 3-DCRT), boosting (yes vs. no), T stage (T1-2 vs. T3-4), N stage (N0-1 vs. N2-3), primary tumor volume (< 19 cm3 vs. ≥ 19 cm3) and primary tumor regression speed at the end of RT (CRPT vs. PRPT vs. SDPT). Table contains only the results for primary tumor regression speed and other statistically significant variables.