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Table 1 Clinical background

From: The expression level of miR-18b in hepatocellular carcinoma is associated with the grade of malignancy and prognosis

histological differentiation number (gender) age (average) viral infection background of HCC
well 20 (M:15, F:5) 66.5+/−6.3 HBV:2, HCV:18 CH:7, LC:12, NI:1
moderately 60 (M:51, F:9) 66.5+/−8.7 HBV:7, HCV:49, NBNC:3, NI:1 CH:25, LC:30, NI:5
poorly 30 (M:27, F:3) 67.7+/−5.4 HBV:0, HCV:20 CH:14, LC:16
  1. Abbreviation: NBNC, neither HBV nor HCV infection, NI, no information, CH, chronic hepatitis, LC, liver cirrhosis.