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Table 1 Characteristics of the 177 primary lung cancer patients and the tumors

From: Rib fracture after stereotactic radiotherapy for primary lung cancer: prevalence, degree of clinical symptoms, and risk factors

  Lung cancer patients (n = 177)
Mean age (range) 77.3 ± 7.0 (55–92)
Gender (male: female) 132:45
Pathology of the tumor (Ad: SCLC: SCC:spindle cell carcinoma*: unspecified**:unknown***) 89:7:47:1:9:24
Tumor diameter (average ± standard deviation) 8–55 mm(30.0 ± 9.1)
Tumor-chest wall distance (median) 0–53 mm(6)
**Range of follow-up period (median) 6–95 months (23)
Method of radiotherapy (48 Gy/4fr:60Gr/10fr:70Gr/10fr) 95:45:37
BED10 of the isocenter (median) 96–119 Gy (105.6)
  1. Abbreviations: Ad = adenocarcinoma, SCLC = small cell lung cancer, SCC = squamous cell carcinoma, BED = biologically effective dose.
  2. *Suspicious of pleomorphic carcinoma, but a definitive diagnosis was not made because of needle biopsy.
  3. **“unspecified” indicates pathologically definitive non-small cell lung carcinoma, but unspecified for the subtype.
  4. ***“unknown” indicates clinically highly suspicious for lung cancer but no pathology obtained.