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Table 1 Erbitux inhibits EREG-mediated proliferation of U87 cells

From: High epiregulin expression in human U87 glioma cells relies on IRE1α and promotes autocrine growth through EGF receptor


No antibody

Erbitux ® (anti-ErB1)

Herceptin ® (anti-ErB2)




125.6±7.9 (ns)




131.6±8.8 (ns)

  1. Cells were plated at 7,500 cells/cm2 in 96-well culture dishes and were grown in the presence of 1% FCS in the presence or absence of EREG (30 ng/ml), Erbitux® (200 μg/ml; cetuximab) and Herceptin® (830 μg/ml; trastuzumab). Cells were counted in triplicate after four days of culture. EREG-induced cell proliferation was presented as mean percentage ± SD of the total cell number measured in the absence of EREG (100% reference value). Mann–Whitney was performed for significance: Erbitux® vs. no antibody (*; p ≤ 0.05); Herceptin® vs. no antibody (ns, not significant; p > 0.05).