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Table 1 Variables of interest

From: An ongoing case-control study to evaluate the NHS breast screening programme

Patient characteristics Primary breast tumour attributes Screening data
(all primary breast tumours)
Patient unique ID Tumour unique ID NHS registration by age 47
NHS number Tumour status (in situ or invasive) Screening office/centre
Gender ICD10 code Episode date
Case or Control Date of tumour diagnosis Screen / Test date
Date of birth Tumour detection mode Screen / Test outcome
Patient status (alive or dead at end of study period) Treatment  
Cause of death – Breast cancer (where applicable) Tumour size  
Date of death (where applicable) Number of lymph nodes  
Age at death (where applicable) Stage  
Date of tumour diagnosis / pseudo-diagnosis Grade  
Age at tumour diagnosis / pseudo-diagnosis   
Cancer registry   
Geographical area   
IMD (Postcode-based)